Château de Villarlong

Representing much more than just holiday apartments, and offering much more privacy than any hotel-suite, every dwelling of Chateau de Villarlong will be a magnificent location for our guests.

From all angles of Château de Villarlong the picturesque landscape of the Minervois can be seen, with its soft rolling hills, cypress trees, pine trees, and lavish vines.

The apartments:

Both wings of the Chateau have been rebuilt into spacious, extravagant apartments for 2, 4, or 6 guests - each with open fireplace and separate terrace, some of them with roof-terrace, and magnificent view.

A spacious outdoor swimming-pool and tennis-court are available to enjoy, and the most beautiful paths lead you through olive groves, inviting you to take a walk, or ride your bicycle. Not to be forgotten: our domestic restaurant with beautiful garden terrace. Here you can feel at home, relax, and enjoy the delicious cuisine from South France.

To get a better impression of the beautiful atmosphere of our location, please take a look at the following photographs. We would be very happy if you would share our enthusiasm for these "old stones".

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Château de Villarlong South France

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